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Limited Edition Hemp Bomber Jackets

Limited Edition Hemp Bomber Jackets

The Limited Edition Hemp Bomber Jacket is a collaboration with Apsáalooke artist Dvera Tolbert. The Jackets are hand painted on 100% hemp canvas. They are custom made, and no two are alike. While going green in our Limited Edition Hemp Bomber know that you are wearing a piece of art.

  • Care Instructions

    Wash it in cold water with a mild detergent (hand wash or gentle cycle on your washing machine) this is very important: DO NOT BLEACH AND DO NOT USE FABRIC SOFTENER! It will eventually 'eat' the paints away. After washing lay them flat to dry or hang them up to drip dry (out of direct sunlight).

  • Custom Made

    All Limited Edition Hemp Bomber Jackets are Custom made from 100% hemp canvas, sewn by our seamstress when ordered and hand painted by the artist. Please give us time as we prepare this high quality fashion piece that will last a lifetime. We do appreciate that you understand we are creating art with our eco friendly product. Again thank you for your patience. Aho

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